Little Sailor Bodysuit

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Why we love it: the print is to die for! We only pick unique items for our store and this is one of them.  The top of the romper buttons open up. A big complaint I hear from mothers is them not wanting to squeeze their baby's head through an outfit. This solves that problem. The romper is soft and also has buttons on the legs for easy diaper changing.

It’s time to play hard and that’s what our romper will let your little one do. Made from buttery-soft organic cotton and featuring our handsome anchor. All-natural, easy-snap fasteners with coconut inserts are arranged so that it’s easy to get to your little one even when they’d rather be doing anything other than being changed. Ideal for kiddies on the go.

● 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton
● eco-friendly inks and dyes
● lead and nickel free snaps with coconut insert